Cultivating and Sustaining Learning, Community, and Practice for the Sake of the Whole Human Family

About Us

The Purpose of Intersections.Community

Intersections.Community (IC) is a curated space that is designed to bring together rich and formative learning, community, and practice that enhances our capacity to be better human beings and to cultivate and sustain a world that is good for the whole human family. We pursue this through an ever-expanding network of collaborators who not only learn but live in ways that can help us to make the world we want, but also the world that we need. Grounded in deep ethical commitments to care, equity, justice, peace, and human flourishing, Intersections.Community works to bring together transformative thinkers, practitioners, and learners to make real and sustainable change within ourselves and at scale. 

What You Receive

Members of Intersections.Community receive access to resources and learning across the breadth of our space. Not only do you receive access to content through courses, events, and other materials, but regular opportunities to engage important conversations, thinkers, leaders, and the most generative element of our space: the members of the community itself. We hope to cultivate not only a place for learning and practice, but for community, and for unexpected and life-giving connections and collaborations to emerge from it. 

The Elements of Intersections

Intellectual Property Architecture is the work of learning and leveraging your hard-earned wisdom, experience, and expertise for maximum reach and impact for the human family. This approach to intellectual property and using that knowledge is transformative for people across disciplines including clergy, clinicians, academics, activists, attorneys, non-profit leaders, and experts. Intersections is the home of the Intellectual Property Architecture Lab and serves as the infrastructure for numerous incubators and learning communities.